56th anniversary of the Independence of Madagascar June 25, 2016

The celebration of the 56th anniversary of the Independence of Madagascar was jointly organized by the Embassy and the Malagasy community in Germany in the evening of June 25 in Berlin. The Honorary Consul of Düsseldorf, and the responsible of GIZ energy sector at Antananarivo graced the evening with their presence.

Friendliness, fraternity and good atmosphere were at the rendezvous. The evening was marked by the active participation of the diaspora, friends and German partners. Thus, through cooperation concluded by the Embassy, ​​the Malagasy national anthem was first sung fervently by a dozen students of the school Erich Kästner Grundschule Falkensee.

The celebrations also saw the exceptional participation of the Tana Gospel Choir group of Antananarivo.

It was an opportunity for the new a.i d'Affaires Mrs. Isabelle Florence Ratsimba to meet and engage exchanges with the Malagasy community in Germany. In her opening speech, she wished to recall the price and size of the country's independence despite the current difficulties. She also highlighted the theme of this year "Madagasikara mandroso no tanjona iombonana" involving the contribution of all. She raised awareness on the involvement of the Diaspora in the development of Madagascar and the need to join hands, despite differences of views. The positive visibility of Madagascar through our attitudes, our activities, and our successes in the foreign country is the best way to make known Madagascar in all its facets and its wealth. As the representative of the diaspora, he expressed his gratitude to the fruitful collaboration with the Embassy and renewed their commitment to joint actions for the country.

The event was animated by a professional malagasy gospel concert “Tana Gospel Choir Madagascar”, wearing traditional costumes from different regions of the island, followed by the delicious malagasy buffet well concocted by the diaspora and ended with dance until dawn June 26.

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