Madagascar celebrated its 53th anniversary of Independence "June 26, 1960 - June 26, 2013,"

It was with joy and good mood that the Embassy of Madagascar in Berlin welcomed guests on June 29, 2013 at the Embassy for the commemoration of the 53th anniversary of Independence of Madagascar. Like the previous years, the event was held in two parts, first the day "Open House" until 06 p.m to promote the island, followed by the festivities with the Diaspora in Germany at the end of the evening.

Under the theme of Water, the event was enhanced by the presence of  many ambassadors (Cambodgia, Laos, Indonésia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Niger, Républic Démocratic of Congo, Sénégal, Tanzanie,  Kenya, South Soudan, Malawi) and representatives of diplomatic missions in Berlin. Local officials led by Mayor of Falkensee accompanied by his wife and the inhabitants of the city have also graced the event.

In fact, the event was an opportunity to make known the importance of water in the Malagasy culture as well as in everyday life. The handicrafts, spices and culinary specialties of Madagascar were once again very appreciated by the visitors coming with family or friends (about 400 in number). A dinner with the Diaspora in Germany ended the day in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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