Madagascar: a major destination for cruise ships.

The cruise ship AIDA AURA accosted Madagascar on January 18th of this year, thus marked the beginning of the cruise-season.

This cruise ship, the first in a wave of disembarkations on the Island, has 1037 German tourists on board.  

Cultural and festive events, “must-see” events are being organized in popular places of visited cities for the cruise passengers.

It should be noted that about ten cruise ships of this size should arrive in Madagascar until March 2018.

Finally, this reinvigorating of the tourism sector in Madagascar is fully in line with the «2030 VISION ", recently presented by the President of the Republic of Madagascar, according to the Leitmotiv:

"In 2030, Madagascar will be one of the most famous and most appreciated destinations all over the world. Because she will able to highly value its natural potential by protecting its outstanding biodiversity and its rich culture, because she will be able to create a harmony between nature and progress, because she will be able to become a model regarding sustainable development, Madagascar will have a unique, strong and distinctive positioning on the world tourist market ".

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