Madagascar, actively present at COP23 to aim farther, faster and all together: Bonn from 06 to 17 November 2017

The delegation of Madagascar, led by the Minister of the Environment, Ecology and Forests, Dr. Johanita Ndahimananjara, attended the COP23 Conference on Climate Change, held in Bonn from 06 to November 17, 2017. 

Positions of Madagascar were raised at this International Conference regarding adaptation, mitigation, finance, technology transfer and capacity building plans. 

Various themes were debated during the Madagascar Day held at the “Pavillon de la Francophonie”, among other initiatives of young people, women. It should be pointed out that malagasy authorities such as the Meteorological Service, the Ministry of Agriculture in charge of the Presidency, NGOs ... have renewed their involvement to fight against climate change. The coordination issues of activities and funding were also taken into consideration.

The Minister participated in the high-level meeting on the theme of resilience insurance as a big coalition approach. Madagascar's active involvement in strengthening the early warning system was raised by the Minister when she spoke. This action was reinforced by the Minister of State within the French Ministry of Ecology and Inclusive Transition. France government has announced an allocated budget of 100 million dollars by 2020 through CREWS. This prevention is essential for vulnerable population facing future disasters. On behalf of the government of Madagascar, she made a declaration regarding the position of the island. 

It is important to underline that the Minister of Madagascar as well as some countries including Benin, Gabon, Guinea, Congo, Niger, Senegal, and Swaziland had the great honor to be received by the German Federal President. The focus of the meeting was mainly on the challenges and the management of immigration from the African population to Western countries. 

The Republic of Madagascar signed as the 47th country signatory the Memorandum of Understanding on the conservation of migratory sharks at this COP23 conference. We can conclude that Madagascar is fully involved and responsible in the fight against climate change. The message delivered by the Minister in each of her interventions urges all countries to stand together in this common struggle.

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