German-Malagasy Political and Strategic Dialogue at the State Palace of Ma-hazoarivo from 06 to 07 December 2017

To strengthen the German-Malagasy cooperation and to monitor the effectiveness of the use of funds available to Madagascar by the Federal Republic of Germany, the Malagasy government led by the Prime Minister, in consultation with the German government led by the Cooperation Officer of the German Federal Ministry of Cooperation (BMZ) and the German Embassy in Madagascar, 

as well as the Technical Cooperation (GIZ) and Financial (KFW) agency, undertook the 2nd intergovernmental consultation from 06 to 07 December 2017 at the Palace of Mahazoarivo.

To this end, the Primature and the MFA, with the sectoral ministries as well as the related organizations concerned by the German-Malagasy cooperation, have been actively involved in this important dialogue for the German-Malagasy cooperation, which will celebrate the passing of their 135th anniversary relations in May 2018. Representatives of the Embassy of Madagascar also came to take part in this strategic dialogue.

The areas of cooperation between the two countries concern the environment as a priority, then energy, communal development and decentralization. The implementation of the capacity building will be a new program at the cross-cutting level.

The private sector is not left out because some programs DevelopPPP is intended especially in agriculture and the creation of value chain (vanilla, pineapple ..).

The German government also supports Madagascar in its development through not only the German Federal Ministry of Cooperation and Development BMZ, but also other Ministries such as the Economy and Energy BMWi (energy sector), Foreign Affairs (IORA), from the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation-Stiftung FES (for natural disasters). In addition, the partnership between the two countries regarding meteorological sector has been relaunched.

As a result of this dialogue, an amount of € 66.45 million was granted to Madagascar for 2018 of which € 55.7 million was non-refundable and € 10.75 million for humanitarian aid.

At the multilateral level, Germany contributes significantly to the budget of the 11th European Union fund, 518 million in total for the year 2014 to 2020 and German contribution represents 21% (100 million euros).

Fruitful exchanges and constructive discussions allowed the signature, on December the 07th, of the Aide-Mémoire between the two countries, the new framework for the year 2018.

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