Madagascar: partner country of the international tourism salon in Dresden the 29th to 31st of January.

As a partner country, the visibility of Madagascar from all perspective was reinforced during this tourism event. Indeed, the participation of the two Malagasy tourism entities “Adventure Expedition” and “Mikea Lodge”, assisted by representatives of Madagascar’s Embassy was a real opportunity to promote the country during the exhibition, which gathered more than 30 000 visitors, 400 exhibitors from 12 different countries. 

The duration of 30 minutes minimum was daily devoted for Madagascar during 3 days exhibition. The biodiversity, authenticity and cultural diversity of the Island were valorized at least five times a day during the different programs such as: cultural and artistic animation taking place at the stand and on the main platform, exhibition of photos on the part reserved for African continent, reportage presenting the country on a large screen and obviously the warmful reception of visitors on the Malagasy stand. The press was not missing since near a dozen newspapers published an article about Madagascar of which a whole page and an interview devoted for the Adventure Expedition representative.

The presence of Madagascar in such an event is the best way to incite the interest of tourists on our island as the next travel destination.  

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