Celebration of the « Francophonie » in Berlin, 12th march 2016

Organized by the Embassies of France and Madagascar under the topic of “Shared growth and responsible development: the conditions of stability in the world and the Francophone space”, and the slogan “Our diversity is our strength”, the celebration of the Francophonie’s festival on Saturday, 12th March, 2016 in the Centre Francais 

de Berlin has promoted the French language to German public and has strengthened the links of solidarity between the members of the French-speaking community.

The refined lunch’s menu offered by the Ambassador of France to around 20 French Ambassadors was highlighted by the famous Litchi’s cocktail and the Vanilla tea of Madagascar at the French restaurant “Le Pastis”, belonging to the centre.

About 2,500 visitors have the opportunity to travel, just for a time, thanks to the promotion of each country’s activities. There were information and promotion’s booth, workshops of traditional decoration masks, of music, of dance, of song and tale’s reading and projections of short and feature length films. 

The debate organized by the International French Radio RFI also allowed highlighting the fact that without responsible development towards the human being, its living area and natural environment, a sustainable development is not possible. The exhibition of photos “60 solutions facing climate change” of the foundation GoodPlanète of Yann-Arthur Bertrand illustrated perfectly the challenges with which the world is confronted nowadays.

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