International Conference on "Indian Ocean - a maritime region on the rise" in Berlin June 9, 2015

This high-level honored by the German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Conference Frank Steinmeier was attended by the Foreign Minister Beatrice Atallah, Secretary General of the Indian Ocean Commission, representatives of economic, scientific, political and civil society.

According to the head of German diplomacy, "it is high time for Germany and Europe to pay more attention to the Indian Ocean region." Indeed, the area of ​​the Indian Ocean constitutes the essence of existing trade. The fate of the world will be decided in its waters. However challenges remain such as maritime security, prosperity and peace, revitalizing trade in the Indian Ocean in the Indian Ocean, sharing of technologies in terms of infrastructure, connectivity, accessibility. These important issues were raised during the conference, and Foreign Minister Beatrice Atallah intervened in the discussion panel "Revitalization of trade in the Indian Ocean."

The Foreign Minister Beatrice Atallah met several German personalities such as the German Federal Foreign Minister Frank Steinmeier, President of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the deputy Heinrich Gabriella and the General Director of Afrika Verein, Christoph Kannengieber. The aim is to strengthen ties between the two countries.

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