"Madagascar Promotion Tour": International Tourism Fair of Berlin ITB from 07 to 12 March and roadshow in Stuttgart; Munich and Stockholm the 14, 15 and 17 March 2017

In the framework of Madagascar's promotion of tourism, the new Branding "Madagascar treasure island", a Malagasy delegation led by the Minister of Tourism Mr Roland Ratsiraka went to Berlin to attend the ITB International Tourism Fair 2017 from 07 to 12 March, whose  partner country is Botswana.

The Embassy of Madagascar accompanied the delegation during the whole stay. The ITB had a special focus on the „International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017“ coming from the United Nations declaration fort he year 2017.  

The Madagascar booth,organized by Madagascar National Tourism Board, has seen the active participation of 8 tour 

 operators including Island Continent Tours, Transcontinents, Aloes Travel Tours, Madagascar Land of Wonders, Gassy Tour, Authentic Madagascar Tours, Universal Trading Tourism, Exelans Tourism; The Louvre Hotel & Spa, the Regional Tourist Office of the Diana region (Nosy Be and Diego), the airline company Air Madagascar and Madagascar National Parks.

This event is an essential platform for exchanges, discussions and discovery of new markets. Bringing together nearly 10,000 exhibitors from 180 countries and 160,000 visitors, it is a real opportunity to make Madagascar known on the international level. Meetings with industry players were held including TUI GROUP, the 1st World Operator Tour. In parallel of the ITB, different events about Madagascar have been scheduled in order to make the big island more visible and to drain more tourists in the long term. Currently, ONTM registers approximately 5,000 German tourists per year.

  • In the morning of 08 March 2017, a press conference gathering the specialized press, tours operators and investors was held at ITB. At the end of the session, the tour operators expressed their intention to travel to MADAGASCAR, EDUCTOUR on the one hand, and for the International Tourism Fair (ITM) on the other hand.
  • In the same day, the Ministry of Tourism organized a special "Promotion of Madagascar" evening at the prestigious hotel "Adlon" in Berlin. Guests at this unique event, made up of politicians, diplomats, press, tour operators, donors, investors, were able to discover the touristic treasures of the big island and enjoy the Malagasy music rhythms embellished with some Malagasy culinary delicacies. "Given the awareness of all the nations of the world on the climate emergency, visiting or investing in Madagascar is a noble act that you do for the future of the planet and your children," ROLAND RATSIRAKA said at the evening in Adlon.
  • A round table was held on the morning of Thursday, March 09, 2017, during which a few German-speaking tour operators and Madagascar National Tourism Board, the MNP, the PIC government project and the World Bank were exchanged with the Ministry of Tourism.
  • A week after ITB, roads-shows have been successfully organized in the regions of Stuttgart, Munich and Stockholm with the participation of tour operators and ONTM. 

This event, a first one in Germany, has raised the visibility of Madagascar in the hope of expecting an increase in the number of German tourists in the future.

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