Mission to Stavanger in the framework of the biannual meeting of Norwegian missionaries NMS - 175th anniversary NMS

Honoring the invitation of NMS, two counsellors of the Embassy attended the above-mentioned meeting. Different root-based development projects of the NMS in Madagascar, on many fields as well as the long-life history of NMS in Madagascar were exhibited at the “Madagascar Stand”.

In the margins of this event, meetings with the local authorities, the University stakeholders, the Archive Center senior officials and the Malagasy diaspora in Stavanger took place.

-  Meeting with the Deputy Mayor of the town of Stavanger:
Highly committed, the deputy mayor showed strong interest in resuming cooperation, along with the stand point of extending the pilot projects in other major cities of Madagascar.

-  Meeting with the leaders of Polybo AS:
A company based in Tombontsoa-Antsirabe since 2013, Polybo AS manufactures low cost, environmentally friendly building materials (roofs, walls). Besides, those are light and easy to route (by rickshaw, cart, bike, motorcycle, 1m3 for 300kg), resistant to climatic hazards, using recovered polystyrene mixed with cement and water. Prospects for extension were also on talk.

-    Visit of the University of Stavanger:
Through a meeting with Norwegian and Malagasy professors (in petroleum engineering) and students, nearly twenty Malagasy students from the University of Tuléar were awarded a two-year scholarship in Master or 3 years Ph.D. degree in the field of environmental technology. The means of enhancing the skills of the Malagasy student’s networks of the university should be followed up.

-    Visit of the archive Center retracing the history of the missionaries in Madagascar since 1866-7. Photos, documents, tables, writings are archived in a secure and digitized way. Other archives are also available in Minnesota and London.

-  Meeting with NMS officials and Madagascar stand visit. It has been highlighted that 8100 Lutheran churches, 430 schools, 44 hospitals were built.Moreover, the Norwegian community-based initiative called "use your talents" provided good examples of success leading to the extension to other fields in Madagascar and to other African countries. 

-   Meeting with the Malagasy community of Stavanger: This meeting was a very informative one. Malagasy diaspora have been sensitized to contribute as a participant and / or speaker during the first Forum of the Diaspora in Antananarivo by the end of October this year.

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