Visit the wonderful world of calves

Each year from June to October, the Canal of Sainte-Marie on the east coast of Madagascar is the usual ground of humpback whales. In these protected waters full of krill (crustaceans whales feed ),  conditions are ideal to mate and give birth to calves . Since August 2013 , a female “franche australe” whale was observed for the first time in two years with her ​​baby.

Nowadays, the whale family with smooth skin whose “franche australe” and “black from North Atlantic” are threatened. In fact, the global population is estimated in the southern half of the globe at about 3,000 to 4,000. These heavy monsters swim very slowly and are therefore the preferred prey for whalers in the 19th and 20th century. Since 1935, international treaties were signed for their protection. However their repopulation makes up very gradually. The reason is their slow reproduction: females only give birth every three years. Canal Sainte-Marie, in which mother and child have been observed five times, is a great place to prepare calves for the wonderful and mysterious trip to Antarctica.

A stay in the "villa Vohilava " located on the island of Sainte- Marie is proposed to those who are excited about sustainable tourism and the world of whales.

In addition, the Malagasy association " Cetamada " engages in awareness of local people to protect the environment. Julot Imboule , teacher, plays a key role because he is responsible for environmental issues and socio-cultural education at Cetamada. To this end, all year, he makes trips to the island of Sainte- Marie and teaches people about reasonable behavior for better environmental protection. Its commitment and actions are needed to marine mammals of malagasy coasts:  through seminars, workshops , movies and trips, he educates children and youth of Ste-Marie on the protection of animals. At the center of this campaign, interactive discussions around the theme of "whale " are taken into account. Results, from May to July 2013 : 47 visits to schools and villages, Julot Imboule could inform 3300 saint- mariens on these gentle and charming giants.
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Source: "National Tourism Office of Madagascar / KPRN network GmbH"

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