Cultural activity about Madagascar in Weinheim from 19 to July 21, 2013

The German-malagasy Association in the region of Württemberg "Sakaizan'i Madagasikara" working for education, the fight against poverty and human development, organized from July 19 to 21, a cultural activity to highlight the "value of Madagascar "in the city of Weinheim. 

The Chargé d'Affaires a.i accompanied by a member of the Embassy were present at this event.

In fact, a free concert was held during two hours in the castle of Weinhem, with renowned artists Dama Mahaleo and Olombelo Ricky. It was also an opportunity to introduce a new  group “Bois de Rose” composed of German and Malagasy artists. All the songs gave emotional feeling and nostalgia of Madagascar to the audience made of diaspora throughout the region and German.

The next day, a roundtable organized by the Association "Friends of Madagascar" was held in the city of Weinheim, whose theme is "Madagaskar-Kultur-Insel zwinschen den Kontinenten".  Participants with the Chargé d'Affaires of the Embassy were made by the President of the Association Mr Erich Raab, Dama Mahaleo, researchers in anthropology, science and culture with Mr. Hermann Rademacher, an expert in the field of training as a moderator. The debate was generally the value of the Malagasy culture, the importance of respect for the culture in order to develop partnership of investment in Madagascar, the diversity of Malagasy as an advantage, not a weakness has also been highlighted. The roundtable reserved a special “livre d’or” signed by participants with the presence of Deputy  of the city of Weinhem.

In addition, Madagascar is the theme of the exhibition in Mannheim Luisenpark Park during this summer. A visit to the park accompanied by the Director and his team revealed two facets of Madagascar, the Malagasy life (fishing, agriculture and recycling work ...) and the richness and beauty of Madagascar nature. A great honor to the initiator of the project Elsa Hennseler-Etté for the originality and the success of the exhibition.

We invite you to visit the exhibition from July 12 to September 08 in Mannheim, more info on:

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