Transcription for a marriage certificate issued by a foreign civil officer

Documents required:

  • Fees 10€
  • Application by paper addressed to the Chief of Diplomatic Mission of the Madagascar Republic
  • Transcription can be made at any time (no time limit)
  • Transcription is carried out on production of a complete copy of the act drawn up by local authorities
  • A "family book" will be established on request of the husband, by the chief of diplomatic mission or consular during the transcript of the marriage. The form is valid, not only for transcription concerning marriage of two national Malagasy but also transcription for mixed marriage of a foreigner with a Malagasy resident.

Wedding celebration

Files provided:

  • Fees 50 €
  • Application addressed to the Chief of Diplomatic Mission of the Madagascar Republic
  • Malagasy passport or identity card of the future spouses
  • Information regarding witnesses with their identity documents
  • A full copy of birth certificate less than 3 months from the date of ceremony
  • A certificate of celibacy from the place of birth "Firaisam-pokontany" less than 3 months
  • If a contract of marriage (matrimonial regime) is considered, it must be done by a notary before marriage and a copy must be attached to the file
  • For a future minor joint (under 18), parental agreement is required
  • If needed, mention children to legitimize
  • Files submitted at least 4 weeks before the date of ceremony
  • The diplomatic and consular officers can only proceed to the celebration of marriage between two malagasy nationals

Custom Certificate

Files provided:

  • Fees 10€
  • A letter addressed to the Chief of Diplomatic Mission of the Republic of Madagascar
  • A certificate of celibacy less than 3 months
  • A copy of birth certificate less than 3 months
  • The original of valid malagasy passport and a copy
  • The valid residence permit
  • For nationals divorced, the decree justifying the divorce and the certificate of no appeal
  • 2 identity photos
  • Evidence of address. If you are hosted, you must provide a proof of accommodation and a copy of the identity of the hosting person.
  • Consular card

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