The Embassy represents Madagascar with authorities and economic, cultural, social representatives in Germany and in the countries of jurisdiction. 
To this end, it has the following services:

Diplomatic and Consular Department


  • Promotion of bilateral relations with the countries of jurisdiction
  •  Representation of Madagascar in official ceremonies and events organized by the Institutions of the countries of jurisdiction
  •  Participation in activities organized by the Diplomatic missions and International Organizations accredited to the Host Country
  •  Follow-up of consulates activities in the countries of jurisdiction


  • Issuance of Visas after study case for people wishing to travel to Madagascar
  • Issuance of administrative acts such as: pass, life certificate, certificate of final move
  • Application process for Consular Registration
  • Registration and issuance of civil status

Economic and Tourism Department

  • Economic Partnership in public sector, private sector and public-private partnership.
  • Marketing sector (tourism, agriculture / agribusiness, handicrafts, ICT, mining ...).
  • Conditions to invest in Madagascar.

Cultural Department

  • Promotion of Malagasy culture in Germany and in the countries of jurisdiction and contribution to cultural exchanges and cooperation.
  • Intermediary between German organizations and Malagasy artists of all disciplines.
  • In terms of education, business intelligence and information to foster cooperation between Madagascar and Germany and the countries of jurisdiction in an institutional setting or through specific projects.

Social Department

  • Adoption Procedures.
  • Relations with the Diaspora in Germany and in the countries of jurisdiction.
  • Relations with NGOs, working for Madagascar.

Communication Department

  • External Communication: Promotion of Madagascar through the press, maintain contacts, sensitize and inform the press of the various activities of the Embassy.
  • Internal communication: Analysis of the German press and countries of jurisdictions in order to report to the Central Department. Update the website of the Embassy, vector of information on the services offered and the promotion of bilateral relations.

Financial and logistics Department

  • Finance: Manage the operation and investment budget (preparation, execution). Establishment of financial position and record invoice liquidation, intervention in case of financial tasks.
  • Logistics: Forecast, order needs supplies, equipment and services for the Embassy. Management of supplies and materials purchased (contact services in case of problems)

Generalities about Madagascar

Our Embassy

Seepromenade 92
D-14612 Falkensee-Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)3322 - 2314-0
Fax: +49 (0)3322 - 2314-29

Office hours:
09:00 am - 12:30 pm
13:30 pm - 16:30 pm

Holidays 2018:

The Embassy is closed on the following German and Malagasy holidays:

- 01 January
- 29 March
- 30 March
- 02 April
- 01 May
- 10 May
- 21 May
- 26 June
- 03 October
- 31 October
- 25 December
- 26 December

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