General information about the visa

Any foreign national who wishes to visit Madagascar has to apply for a visa and make all necessary steps near the diplomatic or consular representations abroad.

Types of visas:
Non-Immigrant Visa (short term visa, less than three months cannot be transformed):

Immigrant Visa (one month convertible into a long term visa):

Visa Fees:

New tariffs for visa fee since January the 1st, 2016:

In accordance with Law No. 2015/026 of December 7th, 2015 with Finance Act of amendment for 2015 including disposition of Article 02.05.06 referring to passport stamp , the visa for a stay less than or equal to 30 days on the Malagasy territory since January the 1st, 2016 is set at € 30.76 .

Types of Visa fees:

  • Visa valid for stays not exceeding 30 days: € 30.76
  • Visa valid for stays between 31 and 60 days: € 47.65
  • Visa valid for stays between 61 and 90 days: € 67.28
  • One month's visa convertible into a long stay visa (to be processed in Madagascar): € 70.08

Payment of visa fees by cash or check or transfer to make at least one week before filing record:
Deutsche Bank AG, Berlin
Account No: 0669150
Bank code: 100700 00
IBAN: DE76 1007 0000 0066 9150 00


  • Payment to be made at the Consulate where the visa application was submitted
  • Visa fees cannot be refund in any circumstances
  • To apply by mail to the Federal Republic of Germany, please enclose a stamped envelope € 3.60 or €3.90 in order to return you by mail the passport with the visa.
  • To apply a convertible visa for residents in Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden: payment of visa fees, plus € 5 in order to return you by mail the passport with the visa (stamped envelope from other countries is not accepted in Germany)

Please note that visas can be obtained up to 90 days  directly at the airport of Antananarivo 

  • Please note that the delivery of visa depends on documents issued and payment of the above fees. For any lack to one of these obligations, the application will be refused.
  • The short stay visa is not convertible into long stay visa in Madagascar. Visa will be delivered within the 7 days after receipt of fully documents by the Embassy.
  • The Embassy reserves the right to call any applicant for a personal interview and additional information.
  • The one-month visa convertible cannot be issued at the airport neither the port of disembarkation. This type of visa can be extended by the Police for a period not exceeding three months.
  • The fact that a foreign marries a person residing in Madagascar did not confer him an automatic right to settle in the country beyond the period of stay granted. He has to introduce a new application form with the mention of his marital status.

Opening times:

  • Filing File from 9 a.m to 12.30 a.m (Monday to Friday) except holidays
  • Withdrawal of visa: from 02 p.m to 4.30 pm

Generalities about Madagascar

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Holidays 2018:

The Embassy is closed on the following German and Malagasy holidays:

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