Direction of Diaspora

Following the Decree No. 2015-136 of February, 17th 2015 underlying the attributions of the Foreign Ministry and the organization of its Ministry,

A Direction of Diaspora (DD) under the authority of the General Department of Economic Promotion and the Diaspora ( DGPED ) was created.

The aims of the Diaspora Direction are:

  • The participation of the Diaspora in socio-economic development of Madagascar
  •  The strengthening links between the Malagasy Diaspora and their country
  • The information on the opportunities and socio-economic projects
  • The promotion of rooting for the young generation to the Malagasy culture and identity
  •  Protecting the interests of the Diaspora in the host country

The i-diaspora:  Global platform for exchange and engagement dedicated to the diaspora of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) of the United Nations system. More Information here

The responsible of the Diaspora at the MFA:

E-mail : lanto.rahajarizafy@gmail.com
Tel. +261 34 71 425 33

Madame RAFALIMANANA Jeannie Berthina
Chef de Service des Malagasy à l’Etranger
E-mail : thinajuk@yahoo.fr
Tel. +261 34 66 635 61

Monsieur RASAMIMANANA Tivo Hely
Chef de Service des Etudes, des Bases de Données et Statistiques
E-mail : tivohelyr@gmail.com
Tel. +261 34 70 039 50

Madame TSIMBAZAFY Aly Mirana
Chef de Service de la Mobilisation et de la Facilitation du retour de la Diaspora
E-mail : alymirana@gmail.com
Tel. +261 34 66 636 01

Madame ANDRIAMIARISOA Vero Henintsoa
Chef de Service du partenariat, de la Mobilité et des Travailleurs migrants
E-mail : verohenintsoa@gmail.com
Tel. +261 34 66 635 64