This annual event on the initiative of German Parliamentarian Dr. Frank Heinrich, in partnership with the Saxon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is a real opportunity for exchanges between German Embassies, companies and various actors in the Region. Participants as the Secretary of State, no less Parliamentary of the German Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, representatives of African Embassies including Madagascar.

“Water, energy and resources”, the theme of this conference represents a huge market in the 54 African countries. Stakeholders strongly encouraged German SMEs to invest in this promising Continent, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and capacity building, renewable energies, agri-business, medicinal plants, among others; and invite them to discover the Continent beyond negative clichés reported by the international press. During the discussion panels, the speakers highlighted the role of the various actors and especially the Diaspora in terms of networking, implementation of projects, exchanges of good practice and ways of financing. African countries should take into account the German economic landscape and focus on fiscal measures favorable to the formalization and development of African SMEs / SMIs.

The country stands offer a platform for exchanges and allow direct contacts with companies, cooperatives and various dynamic actors ensuring the bridge between Germany and Africa. For Madagascar, initial contacts were made with Zenaga, TU Dresden and Transnet International Holdings (already in touch with Madarail) for a cooperation perspective in the form of a public-private partnership.