Under the auspices of the Ambassadors of Rwanda, the country holding the presidency and that of Cameroon, dean of the African group, this cultural festival, which took place at the Egyptian Embassy on May 25 in the evening, brought together not only all representatives of the African Embassies in Berlin, but also the main German political and economic actors including the Chancellor’s personal representative, the “Africa” ​​Directors of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the presidents of German SMEs, African associations.

The elements to be remembered in each of the speeches of the main protagonists highlighted the resources that the African countries are overflowing and their responsibilities in the face of the challenges that await them for their inclusive and sustainable economic development. The German government also reiterated its commitment to support African countries demonstrating their will to put in place a good governance policy for their growth.

After the series of speeches, punctuated by the exceptional artistic performance of an Egyptian Sopra singer, a journey of culinary discovery of the different African countries followed.