Contact: +49 152 373 023 14  –  Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online
Contact: +49 152 373 023 14  –  Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online

This was the theme chosen this year during the celebration in Kiel, capital of the Land of Schleswig Holstein, of the 29th anniversary of the German reunification.
The spirit is intended to be positive, by putting forward the solution rather than focusing on the sources or blaming those responsible for the current problems of “the fear that divides”, among others, nationalism, non-constructive criticisms of the State, directed at State officials who certainly have a duty to create the conditions for each citizen to live in freedom. On the other hand, everyone should enjoy Freedom and at the same time be accountable on a daily basis.

It was recalled during the speeches that German unity is to be built on a daily basis, in the face of some feeling of inequality and dissatisfaction.

The presence of the highest political and regional figures (Federal President, President of the Federal Parliament, the Chancellor, the President of the “Bundesrat”, the President of the Protection of the Constitution, religious authorities and community solidarity) is indeed the expression of a common front in the face of the current uncertainties in the context of the 70th year of the Basic Law, the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the threatening rise of nationalism and extremism, a form of manifestation of fear from which one suffers, which will require a decision of courage at all times and at all levels. According to the Malagasy adage: “atsipy ny tady eo an-tandroky ny omby, atsipy ny teny ao am-pon’ny mahalala”. Contextual translation: We raise awareness among those who are already aware of it”

Long live to unity and solidarity!