Contact: +49 152 373 023 14  –  Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online here
Contact: +49 152 373 023 14  –  Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online here

On october 19, the President of the Republic of Madagascar, HEM Andry Rajoelina solemnly laid the foundation stone for the first training Centre for food & energy in Antsirabe (170km south of the capital Antananarivo) and at three other locations, 20 MWP food & energy training centres will supply the Island with training places and green electricity on 40 hectares of land. 5 MW will be realised in the first construction phase.

More than 250 guests from politics, business and universities attended the foundation stone ceremony in Antsirabe on 19 October 2019. The ceremony was opened with a speech by the Minister of Higher Education, Professor Blanche Nirina Richard, and the Minister of Energy, Mr Vonjy Andriamanga. The President of Madagascar, His Excellency Mr. Andry Rajoelina, stressed in his speech the great importance of the Food & Energy project for Madagascar, both to support the Region in power generation and to train people in the innovative areas of Food & Energy.

Madagascar’s economy is largely based on agriculture, mining, fishing and textile production. Food production is therefore important to import less in future and to improve quality and quantity of food for the population.
The first SUNfarming 5 MW Food & Energy Training Center in Madagascar offers highly interesting developmental perspectives. 5 megawatt Food & Energy Training Centres on 10 ha per year mean training in the company:
– approx. 1,000 training places in organic food cultivation and solar technology
– up to 500 tons of organic vegetables
– Chicken farming and egg production
– 9.0 million kWh clean energy
– 7,500,000 kg CO2 savings

40 hectares of SUNfarming Food & Energy Training facilities are used to 50 % for the cultivation of vegetables.
For the power supply of the Institute of Antsirabe, SUNfarming will install a 10 kWp island system with batteries. For the first time the classrooms, which are used for lectures, receive light and electricity.
The Food & Energy Training Centre has great potential to train students and interested parties in the following areas:
– Photovoltaics and self-sufficient energy technologies;
– Production of organic vegetables;
– Chicken breeding and egg production
– Agricultural practices and technologies;
– Food processing and packaging;
– Food marketing and market management;
– Aquaponics (water and hydroponics)
– Practical experience and competence development.

Moreover, a cooperation agreement with the University and the Ministry of Education of Madagascar” has been signed. Mr. Peter Schrum is the main shareholder and founder of SUNfarming. “SUNfarming is helping to train up to 20,000 students and trainees in bio-food and solar technology over the next 10 years. The benefits for citizens and communities are endless! This project offers a strong educational component, sustainable food production and energy supply and job security for those who need it most,” Schrum adds.
Source : Sunfarming.