30 years after Pope John Paul II’s visit in April 1989, Pope Francis chose Madagascar as one of the three countries for his visit in September 2019, along with Mozambique and Mauritius. The Pope of the “poor” carried a message of peace and hope, also recalling the duty of every Christian, especially Malagasy Christians, the leaders, for greater social cohesion, for greater justice. Nevertheless, the reforms undertaken did not wait for these messages, the nation’s recovery requires the renewal of everyone’s commitment.

These calls are addressed to us, in the face of so much indifference and difference, of injustice, a vibrant call not to be self-sufficient, to renounce the pursuit of accumulation, overwhelming altruism and love of neighbour.

Breaking with the culture of privilege, breaking out of our confinement and individualism, bringing to life the spirit of fraternity, these are the strong messages of Pope Francis, messages that are more topical and universal than ever.