The importance of the subject is no longer to be demonstrated, as the German saying goes: “health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing“. Madagascar was represented at the Summit by a Representative of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ratsiambakaina Diana, and Mrs. Le Chargé d’affaires a.i, Mrs. Rafaramalala ép. Ratsimba Florence Isabelle. The NGO, “Doctors for Madagascar” also accompanied this important event, equally during the side event on 30th October, with Afrika Verein, during which the Embassy’s presence was reinforced by a Counsellor, Mrs Volatiana Andriamanalina.

The challenges will remain daunting, but the direction and tendency to bring all stakeholders together around the noble goal of achieving “One Health” for all (the living) is commendable. Indeed, following the example of the topic presented at the Conference held by the World Conservation Society at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 25 October, “One Planet, One Health, One Future”, the mission is to safeguard human (and animal) health and the natural systems that underpin it.

For Madagascar, the State’s commitment is reflected, among others, in the establishment of the National Solidarity Fund, and in accordance with the Vision set out in the IEM (Madagascar Emergence Initiative), programmes and projects, such as the digitization of Universal Health Coverage, are defined, opening up win-win-win partnerships.