Members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Federal Republic of Germany were honourably present at the German Federal President’s New Year’s reception for the Diplomatic Corps on 14 January in Schloss Bellevue.

Shaking hands with the President, Madam Chargé d’affaires extended to the President and the German people, her best wishes for prosperity, peace and blessing, on behalf of Madagascar, with a newly elected President whose inauguration will take place on 19 January in Antananarivo.

In his speech, the Apostolic Nuncio thanked the President for the invitation and addressed his best wishes for 2019, recalling the memorable events of the past year, without forgetting to recall the political, economic and societal aspects of the host country, while also mentioning the many challenges to be met together, beyond Germany’s important contribution. In particular, he called on all countries to respect international law, observe peace and strive for greater justice between poor and rich countries, as well as for the protection of the environment, a Creation of God to be preserved because it constitutes a common Home for all.

The Federal President, for his part, referred to the erosion of multilateralism, a threat presented by the lack of “fair play” and nationalism gaining ground. Hope is nevertheless allowed with the commitment of all and examples have been taken of the historical success of the European Union, going beyond the “every man for himself” and leaving rivalries in the past through examples between countries. The world is interdependent and the need to take into account the interests of others is more necessary than ever to avoid conflicts.  Finally, he reiterated his wishes to the Heads of Diplomatic Missions present, as well as to their families and collaborators, for a healthy and happy 2019.