Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online
Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online

In order to meet one of the aim n°7 « affordable and clean energy » of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2030, two major events organized by German political and economic actors mark the promotion of renewable energy every year.

In its new energy policy providing an electricity access rate of 70% by 2030, 85% of which comes from renewable energies, the Malagasy government intends to highlight this new policy internationally by attending actively in each high level meeting.

-In Berlin from 17 to 18 April, the 4th edition of the political dialogue on the energy transition, under the initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Federal Ministry of Energy and Economy, is a real platform of high-level exchanges bringing together about thirty ministers from more than 90 countries, about 2000 participants. Madagascar was represented by the President of the Electricity Regulatory Office, the Executive Secretary of the Rural Electrification Development Agency (SE ADER), with the support of GIZ and the Embassy of Madagascar in Berlin.

Various well-defined discussion panels such as financing, investments, mobility in urban areas … were organized.

To this end, during the “Off-Grids Solutions” panel, the SE of ADER was able to highlight the real potential of the country in terms of investment in solar, micro hydro, especially in rural areas, while mentioning the challenges to overcome.

On the sidelines of the event, the delegation was able to meet various German companies and agencies interested in accompanying Madagascar towards its energetic transition. Some are already operating in Madagascar. Field visits to see on the spot the innovative products (in marketing or in prototype) were carried out.

Thus, good prospects for collaboration and intensification of partnerships could be considered with the German players under favorable conditions for both parties.

-In Hamburg from April 24th to 25th, the 12th German-African Economic Energy Forum organized by the Afrika-Verein Association brings together all German companies in the sector concerned and African political and technical stakeholders. This conference is not only a real opportunity to exchange with German SMEs in order to attract more investors in the countries of the African continent, but also a better way to promote some countries through the « country session ». The Malagasy delegation composed by MEEH, ORE, ADER, will present the potential of the big island, mentioning the legal frameworks favorable to investment. Meetings with German companies are also on the agenda of the delegation.