Contact: +49 152 373 023 14  –  Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online here
Contact: +49 152 373 023 14  –  Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online here

The Embassy of Madagascar in Germany, represented by Mrs. Florence Isabelle Rafaramalala, sp. Ratsimba, Chargé d’Affaires ai; as well as by Mrs Volatiana Andriamanalina, Counsellor attended the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Henry Rabary-Njaka to the Forum of the Diaspora.

Members of the Diaspora and stackholders in the field of development, including the environment, the NGO Ranoala, also participated actively in this Forum, a great first in the annals of the history of Malagasy diplomacy.

Constructive exchanges, frankness and conviviality punctuated these 3 intensive days.

Discussion panels on social issues, economics, politics, sharing experiences, proposing ideas for greater transparency and solidarity contributed significantly to the success of this event. On the sidelines of the forum, the Minister carried out a citizen approach by donating his blood and planting trees. The representatives of the Embassy also participated in reforestation.

The sum of 7,445,000 Ariary was paid to the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC), on behalf of all the actors of the Diaspora Forum.

The collaboration was achieved and the success of the event was reflected by the interest in the Embassy which marked its visibility and commitment. The Embassy is closely following the referrals that were sent to it during bilateral meetings. The national television channel TVM also interviewed Mrs Le Chargé d’Affaires ai.