The Malagasy Nationals in Hamburg invited all their compatriots from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France to celebrate together in a festive atmosphere the 59th anniversary of the return of Madagascar’s Independence.

Three Counsellors of the Embassy of Madagascar in Berlin and the person in charge of Consular Affairs participated in the event until morning of Sunday 30th June.

The professionalism of the Hamburg Malagasy is well established. Various activities marked the celebration. Starting with a sightseeing tour of the beautiful city of Hamburg, on a sunny day, a sporting activity for all, children, young and old, followed. In parallel, a workshop session allowing exchanges on the backgrounds and experiences of the Malagasy diaspora in Germany in the fields of volunteering, trainings in all sectors, higher studies and profession in technology, science, engineering and mathematics… all issues related to the integration of Malagasy in Germany were addressed. Likewise, the cultural and artistic aspects were not left out. Indeed, the dress show highlighting the outfits of the 6 regions of Madagascar, the vocal talents of the Malagasy, the participants could taste and enjoy the Malagasy cuisine concocted by the diaspora of Hamburg and the Netherlands. Not to mention the animation of the Malagasy DJ from Belgium who completely enchanted the hundreds of Malagasy on the dance floor.

A celebration organized with heart and solidarity for the love of the Homeland, was the recipe for the success of this event. Congratulations to the organizers!