Madagascar, in its new vision and policy, embraces the principle of riches through diversity and culture. This is how the “FeoCoustic” Group (literally the sound, which is linked to the sense of hearing) represented Malagasy cultures during this carnival of cultures, on June 08th, for one hour in front of a large and enthusiastic audience. This is part of a festive setting that highlights multicultural diversity with culinary delights and cultural shows.

For the sake of history, what was originally a political declaration against xenophobic clashes in 1996 has turned into a cosmopolitan festival. Berlin celebrates its cultural diversity with colourful street festivities and a joyful parade. At first, several tens of thousands of carnival fans gathered for the festival in the German capital. However, in the space of 20 years, the annual number of visitors has increased to about one million. Every year at Pentecost, Kreuzberg is transformed into a carnival bastion: hundreds of thousands of people gather at Berlin’s most popular street festival. The highlight of the festivities is the colourful parade with more than 4,000 participants from all over the world. (Source: Visit Berlin).

The Malagasy show went beyond the literal meaning of the name of the Group, because the development of the sense of hearing promotes mutual understanding, and through music that knows no boundaries, connection sparks, dancing by simple passers-by near the animated stage was not prohibited. Both the composition of the team, as well as the songs and rhythms adopted, and the audience, who have been eagerly awaiting the show, represent the various regions of the Big Island and reflect this cultural richness and diversity. The success of the event is also due to the various partnerships with Germans and Africans, who have provided the entertainment at the “Black Atlantica” stage.