Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online
Consular registration of Malagasy nationals is now online

The funeral of our “Zokibe Riri” was very emotional, full of flowers and gathered as many Malagasy nationals as Germans, and Iraqis (in-laws of his son Philippe), as well as other nationalities.

Members of the diaspora from all German cities outside Berlin mobilized for this final farewell. As the German saying goes, “Jede Trennung ist ein Vorgeschmack des Todes”, the sadness was such that the participants themselves seemed to have taken a foretaste of death.

On the other hand, the passage into eternal life of this emblematic figure of the Malagasy diaspora in Germany, no less an architect and contractor of the Embassy’s construction work, did not take precedence over the capacity for mobilization and solidarity of all within the framework of a fraternal meeting around a well-stocked snack after the funeral. The birth of his granddaughter, a few days before his death, is also a sign that life must triumph.

The loss of this “Ray aman-dreny”, literally and figuratively, has created a void, especially in the hearts of those who knew him for years. However, his invaluable legacy must console us and invite us to live together without discrimination, and to show exemplary solidarity at all times.