A first mission of the Chargé d’affaires a.i. for a courtesy visit and initial contacts with the Director General in charge of the Africa and Middle East Region of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been optimized to meet representatives of the Diaspora in Finland.

Entire families with babies and young children have travelled under the snow to Helsinki for this purpose. This, to mark the importance of the visit of an accredited Embassy Head of Mission to Finland, a very first, they noted enthusiastically.

Representatives reflecting the youth, dynamism, skills and fighting spirit of the Malagasy population so long as opportunities arise and appropriate support is provided.

A positive response to the Embassy’s website, which is informative and user-oriented, was also pointed out. In addition, these members of the Diaspora have shown their willingness to contribute to the building of the Native country by making their knowledge, skills and know-how available, for example through an exchange platform, an option that is already part of the strategies of the Department in charge of the Diaspora at the Central Department level of the Malagasy Ministry for Foreign affairs.