Malagasy nationals and German friends accepted the Embassy’s invitation to support BAREA DE MADAGASCAR during the Match against Tunisia on July 11th, in a family atmosphere, around a Table “bien garnie” and drinks, everyone’s contributions, with the famous “Vary amin’anana, prepared with malagasy red rice ” at dinner.

The Carthage Eagles managed to break Madagascar’s Barea’s dream of going further than the quarter-finals of the African Cup of Nations, but not the solidarity and determination of a people to move forward.The Malagasy team is deserving of reaching this stage for a first 

 The support of the presidential couple, Ministries, Institutions and a  whole people gives a foretaste of what Malagasy know and can do in the  years to come. Congrats Barea, thanks Barea, will mean from now on : Alefa isika  rehetra “ (let’s move forward) : do our best, honor our responsibilities as best we can, excel, surpass ourselves, together we will succeed in facing all the challenges.

Misaotra Barea! Alefa isika rehetra! (Thanks, Barea: Let’s move forward, all of us!)